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The Ulisse’s Riviera lies around one of the most intriguing areas in Italy. (Wiki: Riviera di Ulisse)

Towns in this area are part of a naturalistic reservoir that extends from the nearby park of the Circeo until the southern border of the Latium region, where is situated another beautiful protected park called “regional park of Monte D’oro e D’Argento in the Minturno-Scauri territorial administration. Either naturalistically, either historically, we are talking about one of the richest points of interest area among the country. The most relevant towns for artistical and historical value are all collocated sequentially on the coastal line
in a continuum of sea and mountain landscapes of enchanting beauty.

S.Felice Circeo, is a very well known marine resort, it is situated over a promontory dominating the southern side of the pontina’s flat land, marking its southern border. The old town, built over the top and sides of a steep promontory is very nice and lively in the summertime, with many entertainments and very good restaurants. local beaches, together with nearby Sabaudia are among the most beautiful in the region.

Terracina: (Wiki: Terracina) Is a very ancient city, dominated from the temple of “Giove Anxur”, of roman built, dating back at 1 century A.C. The temple overlooks the coast from mount S’Angelo also said “Monte Giove”. The small town is very interesting, filled with perfectly preserved historical traces from several ages since the pre-romanic era. The restaurants where it is possible to taste the freshest fish are many and of very good quality.

Sperlonga: (Wiki: Sperlonga) Emperor Tiberius builded here one of the most beautiful among his many villas. Once a leisure town for the aristochratic roman families, the ancient fishermen “borgo” is collocated over a line of medioeval watchtowers defending the coast from middle eastern (saraceni) invasors. It is still possible to observe many of them, standing over all of the promontories in the coast. Sperlonga’s beaches are beautiful, huge and uncontaminated, regurlarly receive awards from the italian environmental observatory. The town central little square is crowded with people in the summertime, there are many interesting bars, very good ice cream spots, restaurants are very good. Sperlonga’s cliffs are well known around Europe being one of the best places to practice free climbing. The paths are cataloged by grade of difficulty and fans of this beautiful sport gather here all year round.

Gaeta: Wiki: (Gaeta) Cajeta, the legend wants the city owing its name to Aenea’s feeder. Virgilius narrated of Aenea landing here to give way to the saga that ended with the foundation of Rome. Gaeta is a very important city historically and shows unique traces. At the ancient rome age, as Sperlonga, Formia, Scauri, was a leisure place for privileged families, then became a military power, mostly marine and was one of the seven Italy’s sisters marine republics. Dominated by the Spanish dinastic monarchies was considered the northern door for Naples reign.

Today is an important touristic and summer leisure town, its economy is based on fishing and boating.

Formia:(Wiki:Formia) In ancient times named “Hormiai” (meaning in old greek “The Landing”). Emperor Nerva, Cicero, Lucio Mamurra, built here their amazing residences. The city is a very famous touristic resort and rich of monuments from many historical ages. Commercial offer is wide, from local crafts to very good restaurants. The athletic sports school “Bruno Zauli” is the excellence among training centers in the country. Vindicio beach, at the exact center of the gulf is considered one of the best race fields for sailboating in the world.